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We all want simple solutions to our problems. IV (or intravenous) vitamin drips can provide healthier skin, a boosted immune system, increased energy levels and many other benefits in a simple, relaxing procedure. Vitamin drips are even known to cure hangovers.

IV vitamin drips can solve or improve many health issues by inserting vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. This allows your body to take in a higher concentration than if you had taken the vitamins and minerals by mouth.

Many people, including a large number of celebrities, receive IV vitamin treatments today as a part of their health regimen. This method produces higher levels of the vitamins and minerals in your body that you cannot get from other foods or supplements. There’s no limit to how IV vitamin drips can work to improve your health. The best vitamins for your treatment are the ones that are naturally found in your body.

IV infusions will be measured to counteract any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have. This is a healthy and efficient way to improve your overall health and leave you feeling good

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg is a board-certified surgeon who has been practicing for over a decade with a focus on providing beautiful results and complete, personalized care for her patients.

What is an IV Vitamin Infusion?

IV vitamin infusions are becoming very popular.

IV vitamin treatments are non-invasive and provide many benefits for a wide range of patients. A mixture of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances are inserted directly into the blood using an IV drip. By directly entering the bloodstream, vitamins and minerals bypass the gut and digestive tract which limits how much the body absorbs by about fifty percent. Factors that impact the absorption levels of the gut include age, metabolism, health status, genetics, and the physical and chemical composition of other products we consume.

Once in the bloodstream, as much as 90 percent of vitamins and minerals are absorbed directly and more efficiently.. High concentrations of vitamins and minerals in the bloodstream lead to increased absorption into the cells. The bioavailability of important nutrients provide your body with the boost it needs for maximum function.

IV vitamin drips have been around since the 1970s when they were developed by Dr. John Myers. He created the infamous Myer’s Cocktail that is still used in IV infusions today.

There are two other non-invasive methods to administer vitamins into the bloodstream, including an IV push and a vitamin booster shot.

IV Push

An IV Push is similar to an IV vitamin drip.

The IV push is administered into the bloodstream via a catheter that is inserted into a vein. IV Pushes involve a syringe of high dose vitamins, minerals or antioxidants to be infused into the bloodstream. This process does not involve the additional fluid hydration that an IV drip involves. The process takes about 10-15 minutes. The absorption levels do not change but the body will not experience the intense hydration it would through a drip procedure. This process is great for patients who want the benefits of an IV vitamin infusion but cannot invest the time. This treatment could be performed over a lunch break and is very convenient for patients with a busy schedule.

Vitamin Booster Shot

This is a quick shot that injects vitamins into the muscles. The shot is performed in the gluteal or deltoid muscle. No IV is required with a vitamin booster shot. The number of vitamins administered will be less than what a patient receives in an IV treatment. This is because fewer vitamins may be injected into muscles than the bloodstream. One vitamin booster shot is equivalent to taking about one week’s worth of vitamin supplements.

The absorption rates are still high and provide an alternative option for busy people who want to prioritize their health.

Common vitamins people receive from their IV vitamin drip are B vitamins, Vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. IV vitamin drips may also contain amino acids and antioxidants. Amino acids are crucial to a healthy functioning body because they help build muscles and manage the immune system, and antioxidants help protect cells from the effects of free radicals which can damage your cells and cause other illnesses. If you are interested in IV vitamins and how they will improve your health, contact Dr. Silvia Rotemberg today to schedule a consultation.


IV vitamin infusions provide a healthy option for many people of all ages with a variety of health concerns. Conditions that respond well to IV vitamin infusions include:

  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain
  • Allergies

Many people also use IV vitamin infusions for efficient rehydration after an intense sporting event, to cure a hangover, or to improve skin clarity. Infusions may also be used to help people who aren’t able to eat enough food or have an illness that interferes with nutrient absorption. IV vitamin infusions help improve a myriad of health problems.


Before a patient receives their IV vitamin infusion, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the patient’s desired outcomes. This consultation allows the patient to ask questions and voice concerns about the treatment.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg strives to answer and help all her patients feel comfortable and confident in their treatment. Together, the patient and Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will develop a treatment plan that best fits their chemistry and vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will also discuss the patient’s medical history and current medication routine. This will provide her with an all-encompassing understanding of the patient’s health. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will use all this information to gauge whether IV vitamin infusions will best treat the patient’s concerns.


Since IV treatment is a non-invasive procedure, preparation is minimal. However, there are certain steps a patient may take to ensure a positive, comfortable experience. Drinking a few glasses of water before the procedure will help keep your veins large, allowing Dr. Silvia Rotemberg easy access. Patients are encouraged to wear a loose fitting or a stretchy shirt that has sleeves that can roll-up above their elbow comfortably.

Eating beforehand will help the patient’s body maintain healthy sugar levels.

Some vitamin and mineral options may lower sugar levels and blood pressure, causing a patient discomfort. Another way to help a patient’s veins stay prominent and easily accessible is through exercise. Prior to the IV treatment, a quick walk to get the blood flowing will help dilate blood vessels. Patients should avoid antihistamines and decongestants if possible before the infusion. These medications constrict blood vessels, making them harder to identify.

Following these guidelines will ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from your IV. The main goal is to keep blood vessels dilated so that Dr. Silvia Rotemberg may easily insert the IV needle, causing minimal discomfort. However, if a patient at any time feels discomfort, they are encouraged to notify Dr. Silvia Rotemberg or her expert staff.

They will work with the patient to provide alternative solutions to help create a positive, comfortable experience. The treatment may take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour with no down time. You’re back to your daily routine without missing a beat.


The treatment will take place at Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s state-of-the-art medical office.

A mixture of vitamins, minerals or antioxidants will be made prior to the appointment and will be put in an IV bag. When the patient arrives for the procedure, the medical staff will quickly clean the injection site with rubbing alcohol and then a small catheter or tube will be gently inserted into a vein.

A needle will be used to insert the small tube and then rapidly removed when the tube is in place. The patient will then sit in a chair for the length of their treatment. When the IV bag is empty, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will remove the catheter and the patient may return to their regular schedule. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg or her helpful staff will observe the patient throughout the duration of their treatment to ensure a positive experience.


IV vitamin treatments can be tailored to provide a combination of benefits, such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Ridding the body of toxins
  • Balancing hormones
  • Immunity boost
  • Healthier skin

The list of benefits a patient may receive from IV treatments is limitless. This procedure is available to people of all ages. If you are interested in IV vitamin infusions, contact Dr. Silvia Rotemberg today.


There is no recovery time for IV vitamin treatments and patients may resume their day afterward. After an IV infusion, the vitamins will remain in the body for about 2-3 weeks. The vitamins, minerals and other ingredients used are water soluble, so when the body uses what is needed, any excess nutrients are naturally and safely metabolized.


Patients report having an increase of energy, mental alertness, less sickness, and improved health after IV vitamin treatments. IV treatments can improve stress, reduce fitful sleep, and provide the body with nutrients it may be lacking through poor diet. Results will vary between patients and the periodicity of a patient’s IV drip therapy will be developed by Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and the patient along a personalized plan that best fits their unique needs.


Pricing will vary between patients based on their health goals. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will work to create a treatment plan that best achieves the patient’s health desires. If you are interested in the many benefits of IV vitamin infusions, contact Dr. Silvia Rotemberg today at (305) 539-7083.