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Menopause Treatment Miami, FL

A menopause treatment is designed to provide relief from menopause symptoms, such as through the implementation of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). With a customized formulation and treatment plan with HRT, women can mitigate fatigue, hot flashes, irritability, loss of sex drive, insomnia, and other disturbances caused by hormonal imbalances. 

One of the most popular methods of HRT is hormone pellet therapy, equipped with bioidentical substitutes for natural estrogen and testosterone. These tiny implants- the size of a grain of rice- work to administer hormones just under the skin, providing a steady dose that lasts for 3 to 5 months. With this form of treatment, women dealing with the difficulties of menopausal changes can avoid the dramatic fluctuations often caused by other methods of HRT. 

At Rotemberg Plastic Surgery, you can expect to receive the highest quality care that is sensitive to women’s needs as they age. Our practice is headed by Dr. Silvia Rotemberg, a leader and researcher in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. As an award-winning physician with several publications and presentations, Dr. Rotemberg strives to keep up with the latest findings in several fields of medicine, including women’s health. She provides patients with a reputable brand of molecularly identical hormones, Biote, that has improved the lives of thousands. 

To see if this form of menopause treatment is right for you, consider speaking with Dr. Rotemberg by calling her Miami office at (305) 274-5170. You can also reach us through our contact form, and a staff member will happily assist you in scheduling your consultation. 

About Menopause 

Menopause is a natural stage of life for women that indicates the end of their fertile years. Egg release and menstrual cycles completely stop, and the ovaries become inactive. Though the average age for menopause is 51, and a variety of hormone-related symptoms occur in the years leading up to it- another life stage called perimenopause. 

During perimenopause, the follicular phase of the ovaries becomes increasingly shorter, meaning that egg cells mature more quickly and create irregular menstrual cycles. Also, the number of egg-producing follicles within the ovaries decreases. With age, the egg cells themselves lose their overall quality, further decreasing fertility. (1) At this time, women experience menopausal symptoms due to the drastic decrease of estrogen and progesterone and these physiological changes. 

Menopause Symptoms

During menopause, most women deal with vasomotor symptoms- a type of internal body temperature dysregulation. This manifests in night sweats and hot flashes and can pose a huge disruption to one’s life. In addition to these common symptoms, migraines, heart palpitations, mood swings, depression, and anxiety are also common, ranging from mild to debilitating. A majority of women also suffer from genitourinary discomforts such as vaginal atrophy, irritation, dryness, urinary incontinence, and increased urge to use the restroom. These can make both everyday life and intimate relationships more challenging to deal with. 

Other issues can are most prominent during perimenopause and after menopause are: 

  • Loss of libido 
  • Lower energy levels 
  • Sleeping difficulties 
  • Memory/cognitive issues 
  • Weight gain 
  • Hair loss 
  • Loss of bone density and muscle mass 

Candidates for Hormone Pellet Therapy 

Candidates for this type of hormone treatment include women going through the changes of perimenopause and menopause who have not found relief through other means. Ultimately, your candidacy will depend on your symptoms and the results of blood tests that will provide a more accurate view of hormone levels present within the body. Research finds that HRT is most appropriate for those with moderate or severe vasomotor symptoms and vaginal atrophy/dryness. It can also serve as a tool for those seeking to prevent bone density loss in postmenopausal years. (2)

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Rotemberg, she will listen intently to your concerns and the improvements you would like to see with HRT. She will ensure that you receive thorough education regarding Biote pellet therapy to help you decide if you could benefit from it. After discussing the advantages of HRT, she will outline how the procedure will go, the appropriate dosage, and when you can expect to notice positive changes in your body and mind. Pellet therapy is individualized to your needs. Dr. Rotemberg will work with you to find a long-lasting solution to help you age with the grace and energy of your youth

To get started today, call Rotemberg Plastic Surgery in Miami at (305) 274-5170 or reach out via our contact form, and we will help you find a date and time that works with your schedule. You can also request to discuss other procedure options detailed within our blog

The Biote Pellet Procedure 

After evaluating your blood work, Dr. Rotemberg will prescribe a specific dosage of estrogen and/or testosterone in a pellet form. She will begin the procedure by cleansing a small portion of the upper buttocks area, the exact location where she will place the pellet/s. She will then administer local anesthesia for complete numbness and comfort. Next, she will make a tiny incision of only a few millimeters in the skin. She will then use a pellet insertion device with a trochar, a thin tube that will place the pellet/s under the skin. After guiding 1 to 3 pellets into the subcutaneous tissue, she will close the incision with steri-strips, gauze, and another protective film to keep the area dry. Since the pellet is only roughly the size of a grain of rice, the resulting scar will heal quite well and become near-invisible. Your body will take the hormones as needed, and the pellet will completely dissolve within 3 to 5 months

Aftercare and Results 

After the procedure, you will need to rest and avoid pools and/hot tubs to avoid irritating the incision site. You may have minor swelling or redness in the upper buttock region, but it will subside completely within this initial healing period. After the first day, you will be able to shower as usual, but you should ensure that the steri-strips adhere to the skin for another week. Though this is a minor procedure, you will be able to find relief from any discomfort by taking doctor-approved OTC medication; non-blood-thinning medication such as Tylenol should be effective. While you may notice a reduction in your menopause symptoms within 1 to 3 days, it may take a few weeks for full symptom resolution; it depends on the severity of your menopause symptoms. If you continue treatment, you will require Biote pellets every 3 to 5 months, and the best results settle in from long-term use. Dr. Rotemberg will continue to monitor your hormone levels with blood tests to ensure that the treatment goes as intended. When implemented correctly, Biote pellets can: 

  • Improve energy levels 
  • Improve cognitive function 
  • Reduce mood swings, anxiety, and depression 
  • Revive libido and vaginal lubrication 
  • Prevent bone and muscle mass loss 
  • Encourage better quality sleep 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Vaginal Rejuvenation 

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to a set up of different treatments and procedures to encourage healthy vaginal elasticity and moisturization and/or to improve the aesthetics. Dr. Rotemberg can perform a labiaplasty to restore a more symmetrical, flattering shape to the labia, eliminating friction and pinching during sexual intercourse and everyday activities. If needed, she can also reduce the size of the clitoral hood to enhance sexual sensitivity. 

For those interested in less invasive alternatives, Dr. Rotemberg can perform G-spot enhancement with a collagen-based filler, encouraging more blood flow and healthy tissue regeneration within the vagina. To resurface the vaginal wall, she may utilize the gentle and ergonomic Alma Femilift CO2 laser. The controlled therapy energy of intravaginal CO2 lasers can reduce sexual dysfunction, treat vaginal and labial laxity, reduce stress urinary incontinence, genitourinary symptoms related to menopause, and a skin condition called lichen sclerosus. (3) 

Cost of Menopause Treatment in Miami 

Menopause Treatment Miami, FL

The cost of your menopause treatment will depend on your treatment plan, the dosage of hormones within your pellet/s, and any additional procedures you wish to undergo. During your first meeting with Dr. Rotemberg, she will discuss the specifics of your treatment cost. If interested, you can review the financing options we offer at Rotemberg Plastic Surgery, giving you the ability to make affordable payments. 

If you are ready to feel like yourself again, take the first step by visiting our office in Miami, calling (305) 274-5170, or inquiring with our contact form. We cannot wait to help you regain vitality and combat the unwanted effects of menopause. 


Is menopause treatment with HRT safe?

Yes, HRT is safe for those going through perimenopause and menopause, so long as a physician reviews their hormone levels through a blood test. 

Who should avoid menopause treatment with HRT? 

Those with blood-clotting disorders and heart/cardiovascular diseases should proceed with caution when seeking out treatment with HRT. Those at an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer should avoid this type of treatment since it alters female hormone levels. 

How large is the hormone pellet?

Hormone pellets are only about the size of a grain of rice, and physicians typically insert 1 to 3 of them at a time. 

Is downtime required after the hormone pellet procedure? 

Patients need to avoid exercising for a few days to prevent further swelling. Physicians typically advise them to avoid wetting the area for a couple of days. After the procedure, some swelling may occur, but it is not a cause for concern. Most women can go back to work on the same day of the procedure.  


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