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Frequently Asked Question

Plastic surgery financing is a way for many people to take advantage of treatment. So, we’ve put together a list of the some of the most frequently asked questions to help you identify if plastic surgery financing can help you.

Do I have to request a loan for the full amount of my plastic surgery purchase?

No, patient financing companies will usually lend you all or a portion of your plastic surgery costs if you so desire. It might be wise to put a portion of your procedure costs on your credit card and the balance through a loan, depending upon your credit card interest rate.

How do interest rates for patient financing compare with credit card rates?

The rates you will be able to obtain from a patient finance company depend upon several factors, including: your application, occupation, employment term, and credit report. Sometimes, the rates you can obtain from a patient finance company are better than your credit cards. For example, there are special programs, such as, 90 days same as cash. Typically, interest rates range from 5.99% to 27.99%.

Can I obtain patient financing online?

You may be able to secure patient financing online. In your inquiry, be certain to ask about repayment terms and interests rates. These factors vary among providers.

Can I obtain credit if I have a low credit rating?

There are plastic surgery finance companies that will approve people with low credit ratings. People who have had short sales, have filed bankruptcy or simply have a poor credit rating can investigate patient finance companies online. Before completing an application, ask the company if they finance people with low credit ratings. Some may fulfill your request and others may not.

Do I have to have a plastic surgeon before applying for financing?

This is not a requirement, but it’s a good idea to select your plastic surgeon first. Remember that your safety and security in having the procedure comes first. So, identifying your plastic surgeon helps you to know that you are safe and secure and helps you identify the appropriate course of treatment so you can calculate accurate costs.


For your financing needs, CareCredit® is offered, since most medical insurance plans will not usually cover cosmetic procedures. Our office is able to assist you with a financing program for elective medical procedures. Patients may be pre-approved for financing with a low-interest monthly payment plan. Our office manager would be pleased to provide you with further details.

Care Credit


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We are no longer accepting personal checks for consult fees, in-office procedures, or cosmetic payments. Checks will only be accepted for invasive out patient surgeries which are to be paid 1 week in advance.