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Some people believe that our face is the most important part of our body and, therefore, what we should care for most.

Likewise, people write stories, poems, and songs all about the magic power of the eyes. Our eyes give us the ability to communicate thoughts, emotions, and desires without uttering a single word. Not only do they hold power and beauty, but they also serve us well as we navigate the world around us.

As we age, our eyes tend to pay the price. Skin begins to sag, bags form, wrinkles appear, and eyelids droop. In order to address these issues and to help create a more youthful appearance, eyelid surgery (also known as Blepharoplasty) may be the option for you.

What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty was one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in 2013, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and had over 215,000 procedures performed. Simply stated, Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat deposits from around the eyes that contribute to a more aged, tired appearance. The procedure can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids, both at the same time or individually. Not only will it help bring new life to your eyes, but in the case where the sagging skin hangs over the eyelid and interferes with vision this necessary procedure will allow you to, once again, see clearly. Both men and women alike may undergo this procedure and, if desired, may combine it with a Botox injections for smoothing out Crows’ Feet, a Brow Lift, and a Face Lift .

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg, Miami’s top female plastic surgeon, is your first step towards your new view of life. During your consultation, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will discuss with you your areas of concern, perform a full exam, and then provide you with all available options in order for you to end up with your individualized picture of perfection.

Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

  • You have loose, saggy skin around your eyelids
  • Your eyelid interferes with your vision (Ptosis)
  • Your eyelids constantly appear puffy and/or you have bags under your eyes, despite much rest
  • Your lower eyelids droop and show both the white beneath the iris and the red, inner-lining of the lower lid (Ectropion)
  • You are unhappy with your appearance

About The Procedure

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will discuss all options with you and, together, will design the plan of action to meet your specific needs. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will then review with you what to expect from the procedure, as well as how to best prepare yourself during the days leading up to it. Depending on your individual plan, the Blepharoplasty may be performed in the office or an operating room. If you are only planning on the removal of excess skin, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will use local anesthesia and perform the procedure in the office. If, however, you decide to remove excess fat pockets and/or combine this procedure with other surgery you will undergo sedation and Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will perform the procedure in an operating room.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s fine eye for detail allows her to identify the prime location within the crease of the eyelid for the ultra fine incision. She will take great care in performing the procedure so that the incision lines can be hidden within the natural folds of the skin. If this cannot be done, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will offer the option to change the crease of the lid so that no trace of the surgery will be visible afterwards. Similarly, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg also pays great attention to the closing of the wound by using ultra fine sutures in order to help lessen scarring.


Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and her caring staff will be by your side throughout this journey. Depending on the combination of procedures that you have chosen, the surgery generally lasts one to two hours and you should be able to return home the same day. After the surgery, expect to have swollen eyelids as well as some slight bruising. Due to Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s care and expertise, recovery should be relatively quick and the majority of the swelling should be gone within a couple of weeks. To help reduce swelling, you should keep your head elevated and place ice packs as recommended. After the procedure, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s staff will make sure that you are comfortable and provide you with a follow-up appointment within the week. During this appointment, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will remove your stitches and evaluate your healing progress. She will provide you with additional information and recommendations in order for rapid healing.

After the procedure and for one day after, you must apply ice-cold compresses, continuously, to help with the swelling. Afterwards, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will explain to you the frequency necessary for your individual healing. You should, also, expect to avoid aspirin and alcohol for one week after the surgery. Similarly, you should limit activities such as bending, lifting, and straining. After about 10 days you should be able to return to your normal activities. During your follow-up appointment Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will discuss, in detail, your recovery plan.

Reasons to Consider Eyelid Surgery


eyesPtosis, the medical term for a “drooping eyelid,” may affect people of all ages. Ptosis affects some from birth (due to genes) and others due to age. Living with this condition, depending on the severity, may affect your ability to function on a daily basis as your eyelid may droop into your field of vision and impair your view. Likewise, reading for extended periods of time may become difficult and you may find that you are forced to adjust your chin in order to see properly. If you fall into this category, it is recommended that you make an appointment with Dr. Silvia Rotemberg to discuss her ability to help clear your vision and live a safer, fuller life. For others, you may find that when you look in the mirror you see someone that you don’t quite recognize staring back. Aesthetically speaking, your image makes you both unhappy and insecure. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will give you the help that you crave by sculpting away your insecurities and once again giving you a reflection that brings a smile to your face. This procedure takes less than an hour for both eyes.

Causes of Ptosis

Ptosis can occur in both adults and children. In adults, the cause is usually due to age—the eyelid muscle, the Levitor muscle, ages and stretches—this creates a larger skin crease and a the appearance of a thinned eyelid. Long-term use of contact lenses or prior eye surgery can also cause Ptosis. Children born with Ptosis have a weakened eyelid muscle from birth.

Repairing your Ptosis may take various forms. In order for Dr. Silvia Rotemberg to decide upon the best course of action she will first identify the type of Ptosis that you have. Once she finishes her evaluation she will discuss with you the best type of procedure for your specific needs. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will take into consideration factors such as the appearance of your eyelid, the amount of “droop” or the amount of extra skin that may fall below your lid, strength of the eyelid muscle, and the level of dryness of your eyes. Bringing with you a few older pictures would also allow her the ability to compare and add another layer of information when making a decision about how to sculpt your eyelids.

Treatment of Ptosis

Generally, this fairly minimal procedure requires a simple pull or tuck of the Levitor muscle from inside the eyelid while using local anesthesia. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will then close the incision using fine sutures.

Often, people opt to combine Ptosis surgery with other surgeries such as Blepharoplasty, Botox injections, and fillers to treat lower eye bags.

Ectropion or Entropion

An Ectropion or Entropion refers to the position of your lower eyelid. An Ectropion is when the eyelid is turned out and sagging. This means that the white below the iris is visible and uncovered leaving the eye unprotected. This situation may lead to excessively dry eyes or tearing, irritation and pain, and infection. An Entropion is when the eyelid is rolled inward and rubs against the eye. If this occurs, your eye may become red, irritated, and painful. You may develop sensitivity to light and wind. If left untreated, you may develop infections, a scratched cornea, or corneal ulcers resulting in permanent damage to your eye. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will provide you with a complete evaluation and discuss all options for returning your eye to a healthy state.

Causes of Ectropion or Entropion

Aging and the relaxing of tissue around the eye generally cause an Ectropion, however, it may also occur as the result of Bell’s Palsy, stroke, trauma, scarring, or other surgeries. An Entropion generally occurs due to age and the relaxing of certain muscles, however, it may also occur as the result of trauma, scarring, or previous surgeries. In some cases, children may suffer from an Entropion.

Treatment Ectropion or Entropion

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg uses an out-patient procedure using local anesthesia to repair both an Ectropion and an Entropion. Dependent upon your specific situation she will explain to you the various techniques that she may employee. Her choice of technique will also depend upon your overall plan and the various procedures that you may decide upon. In general, fixing either of these conditions is, generally, quick and recovery rapid. You should experience immediate relief to the problem following the procedure.

You may opt to remove any extra skin or fat from around the eye at this time to allow Dr. Silvia Rotemberg to reshape and sculpt your eyes to specific desires.

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