Being a mother is the most rewarding experience in the world, but it’s so easy to forget that I was a woman before I was a mother.

Let me just begin by saying: I love being a mother to my three children. They have given me a job more rewarding than I could ever imagine, and have made me an overall better person. But let’s face it, motherhood has been rough on my body. Even with eating right, exercising religiously in my free time, and taking care of myself, I was never able to be the same as I was before my children. I lost my self-confidence when I earned my badges of motherhood: sagging breasts, stretch marks longer than the Autobahn, and pinchable fat where I once was slim and trim. I didn’t even have the signature energy I once had. Somewhere along the road of bottles, soccer practices, and play dates, I managed to lose what made me, me.

After talking with a fellow mother from my youngest son’s class, I realized that I needed myself back before I could continue to be the best mother that I could be. That night, I discussed my concerns with my husband. With his assurance that he would support me in any decision that I made, I began doing research on cosmetic procedures for mothers after childbirth and stumbled upon “Mommy Makeover” surgeries. I read that a Mommy Makeover consists of combinations of procedures with the intention to tighten, augment, and enhance motherly figures. I decided that a makeover was exactly what I needed to rediscover “me” and regain my confidence.

After more research on cosmetic surgery and some notable surgeons in the state of Florida, I found myself attracted to Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s office nearly immediately. After reading more about the office and seeing the care given to each individual patient, I realized I needed to make an appointment with her right away.

The Consult

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s office and facilities felt like a luxurious day spa rather than a surgeon’s office. The office was about an hour and a half from my home in Boca Raton. But let me tell you: Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and her office are more than worth the time. Her staff greeted me immediately with warmth and welcoming smiles. I immediately felt comfortable. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg just increased my comfort as she spoke to me like a long-lost friend. I had never felt so important and at ease with a complete stranger, let alone with a doctor and to discuss such intimate worries. We discussed the concerns that I had about my energy, sexual appeal, and confidence. She was filled with assurance every step of the way about how what I felt was normal and it was nothing to be ashamed of. She is an incredibly kind and caring individual, who never once made me feel pressured or misunderstood. This was something I appreciated more than most.

Meeting with Dr. Silvia Rotemberg was the best decision that I have ever made for myself. She understood how I felt as both a woman and a mother and reassured me with information on each possible procedure to customize my makeover experience. We discussed procedures common with a typical Mommy Makeover, such as fat transfers, augmentations, sculpting, and lifts before creating a plan to help find me at my best.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg does incredibly well explaining the steps of procedures in layman’s terms. She answered any questions that I had from my research, as well as more than I even thought of asking about. She has a fantastic ability to explain and make you feel comfortable in her knowledgeable hands. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg was able to work with me to find a customized plan to recreate my voluptuous, womanly figure and find my sex appeal again.

My Customized Mommy Makeover

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and I discussed in full detail each and every part of my body that I have found myself frustrated with after years of self-proclaimed imperfection. This included areas like my stomach, my hips, and my breasts, in particular. Together, we decided that a fat transfer my love handles to my breasts, combined with a tummy tuck surgery and vaginal rejuvenation procedure would give me a figure and confidence that was better than ever. After giving birth to three children, my breasts felt deflated, and it was like their volume moved to problem areas all over my stomach. The tummy tuck would help to get rid of any excess skin while helping to diminish the appearance of my harsh stretch marks. Similar to my breasts, after having three children my privates felt less than sensual: I experienced leakage with every sneeze, and I did not feel the same feeling during intercourse as I did ten years ago. I decided upon vaginal rejuvenation to make me feel like a lady again and regain my femininity. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg took every aspect of my body, personal appearance, and goals into consideration to create an entirely customized makeover. A course of action created specifically for me.

The Procedures

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and I discussed the possibilities of either staggered procedures or simultaneous procedures. After careful consideration, we decided that my health was well enough to heal with simultaneous surgeries, and so I made the choice to do so. During the surgery, I received a traditional tummy tuck. The muscles of my abdomen were strengthened, the excess skin was removed, and the excess fat was used as a part of a fat transfer to my breasts. This began the process of the breast augmentation by fat transfer. The augmentation gave me an extra cup size, to increase perkiness and decrease the appearance of deflation, and maintained a natural look and feel for my breasts, which I preferred over implants. The vaginal rejuvenation with Femilift restored my vagina to the state before the wear and tear of pregnancy and childbirth.

The Recovery

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg created an individualized recovery plan for me to heal quickly and properly. She urged me to use her “open door policy” to its fullest, suggested ice packs to maintain swelling, and recommended plenty of rest for my body to heal. The worst of the healing process was only a bit of swelling and slight bruising, without major discomforts or fears. Even my scarring has been minimal after Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s precise incisions have healed. After just over two weeks of rest and recovery, I was able to go back to most of my normal routine. I had a follow-up appointment to discuss my progression of healing, any concerns (of which I had none), and to make sure that I was following my recovery plan. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg and her office were there for every step of the way—from consult to recovery. I believe this care and comfort truly helped me heal in the quickest, most stress-free manner possible. I knew that if I had a question, required an opinion, or even developed a complication, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg would be there to help. I could focus on rest and relaxation!

The Results

The results have been stunning. With all-natural augmentations and a newly lean, shapely figure, I felt better than I ever remembered feeling… even before my marriage, giving birth to three children, and including over a decade of aging! I could not imagine being more satisfied with my new and improved look, nor the care that I received from Dr. Silvia Rotemberg. She is an artist in the field of surgery and has the remarkable bedside manner that is even rarer. Her individualized care and warm heart had certainly kickstarted my new confidence.

I find myself surprised by just how great I look every time I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I am now incredibly proud to take my children to the beach, and more than ecstatic to put on a slinky, little black dress for date night with my husband. The confidence I have been given through this makeover has made me a beautiful, impressive woman with the personality to match.

My stomach is taught, my breasts are fuller, and intercourse is better than it’s ever been. I feel more youthful, confident, and energized than a twenty-year-old. I feel rejuvenated and empowered, and I look better than ever.

Thank you, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg, for using your artistry to help me to be a woman again—not just a mother. You have given me my life and my personality back!


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