Ladies, I have a confession to make. I haven’t felt completely comfortable with my vagina for years. My body is strong and powerful, and I love it, but I’m a mom and have had multiple childbirths. After the having children, my vagina just didn’t feel the same. I wasn’t quite as tight as I used to be and I suffered from vaginal dryness, which caused me to lose a lot of my confidence and my sex life suffered as a result. I tried every natural remedy I could think of, I exercised regularly and trimmed excess sugar and carbs from my diet, but nothing worked.

My vagina felt really did just feel different somehow.

I began searching for possible treatments. I had heard celebrities mention vaginal rejuvenation in passing- what was it? I researched laser vaginal tightening procedures and learned about FemiLift.

FemiLift is a wildly popular, non-invasive procedure that allows women to alter their vaginas without having major surgery. It tightens the vaginal walls and treats vaginal dryness and incontinence. It restores sensitivity and feeling after childbirth and trauma.

Instantly I knew that it was a great option for me. I hated the idea of going under the knife, and if I didn’t have to, I’d have more time to my daily life, motherly duties, and running a busy household. I just simply can’t afford to spend weeks recovering from an elective procedure. FemiLift was perfect for me because there’s absolutely no downtime. It’s a quick, painless procedure that takes about ten minutes.

Here’s how it works. The laser tears tiny holes in your vaginal canal, triggering your body’s healing response. New blood vessels and collagen are created through this response, tightening the vaginal canal. It also prompts the body to produce more lubrication to assist with vaginal dryness. FemiLift is the ideal procedure for mothers who want to restore their vaginas to their pre-birth state, helping them regain comfort and start feeling sexy again!

Now, about the doctor; here is how I came across Miami’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg. After doing some research about Femilift treatments, I decided to take the next step and look for a doctor who could help me reach my feminine goals. You can’t search for a top plastic surgeon in Miami without finding Dr. Silvia Rotemberg. I read through countless patient reviews until I felt comfortable seeing her for a consultation. A FemiLift is a very intimate procedure, and I wanted to make sure that I was in the hands of an experienced, caring surgeon.

After I called her office I was able to get an appointment right away, not to mention her staff made booking the consultation simple and made me feel very comfortable. It’s not always the easiest thing to call into an office, speak with someone you’ve never met, and tell them about your very intimate concerns. My experience was fantastic!

My Consultation

I felt good about my decision to see Dr. Silvia Rotemberg the moment I spoke with her staff over the phone, but I was even surer the moment that I walked into her office. The clinic looks and feels more like an upscale beauty shop or spa than a typical doctor’s office. I was slightly nervous when I first arrived. After all, I’d never sought a consultation with a plastic surgeon before, and I wasn’t sure how sensitive the staff would be, but my discomfort vanished within minutes! Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s office staff are incredibly warm and welcoming. They made me feel comfortable the moment I walked into the office.

My meeting with Dr. Silvia Rotemberg herself is what truly sealed the deal for me and what lead me to chose to undergo my treatment with her. She was professional and knowledgeable without being distant and added a comforting female touch to the entire experience. I felt as though I were speaking to someone who not only understood me but cared about the same things I cared about. She really made me feel as though her number one concern was my health and happiness.

I had a lot of questions because I didn’t know anyone who had ever had a FemiLift performed. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg didn’t hurry me; she answered all of my questions with ease. I told her that I wanted to have more sensation in my genital area but I didn’t want to have to deal with a long recovery and I hated the idea of pain. She agreed with me that a FemiLift would be a great choice.

I had a lot of fears before I came to Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s office, but they turned out to be baseless. She was absolutely wonderful throughout every step, far kinder and more personal than I thought she would be. It’s clear that she really cares about her patients.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg has extensive experience using FemiLift to help women tighten their vaginas. During my consultation, she talked about what I hoped to achieve which is when she recommended that I undergo 2-3 treatments to achieve meaningful results, after which I could return once a year to maintain these results.

My FemiLift Treatment

FemiLifts are performed in-office at Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s Miami clinic. My second visit was just as pleasant, if not more so than my first. The office is staffed with professional, friendly people who don’t mind answering questions.

The first thing that Dr. Silvia Rotemberg did was perform a short pelvic exam to ensure my safety before beginning the treatment. She then started by inserting the laser, a wand-like device that’s first coated in lubrication. She let me know that she was going to focus on a couple of different points in my vagina: the furthest point from the opening, a spot in the middle, and a spot close to the opening. The wand swiveled around inside my body after it was inserted and pulsed laser light at my vaginal canal.

The beams from the laser penetrate the vaginal walls and stimulate collagen growth. Despite what I’d read online, I was afraid that the procedure might hurt, which it did not. I felt a little pressure and warmth and then it was over. It didn’t feel any worse than inserting a tampon.

The entire process was very quick. I’m extremely happy with the way I felt immediately afterward; it went even better than I expected. I was able to return to my daily routines right away without experiencing any discomfort!

My Recovery

The greatest thing about the FemiLift procedure is how simple it is. It’s completely pain-free and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. There’s absolutely no downtime. I felt completely normal after my FemiLift. I was even able to go back to work after my appointment.

This one of the main reasons that I was drawn to the FemiLift rather than procedure like labiaplasty. I wanted to achieve noticeable, life-changing results but I didn’t want to have a long, painful recovery.

FemiLift patients are advised to avoid intercourse for at least a few days after their procedures. However, I didn’t mind this at all. It’s a small price to pay to achieve a tighter, more sensitive, and more responsive vagina in just ten minutes!

My Results!

Seeing Dr. Silvia Rotemberg for my FemiLift procedure was one of the greatest gifts that I ever gave myself. I’m so happy that I chose a non-surgical option. There’s something liberating and sexy in indulging in a treatment designed to not only improve comfort but also to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg told me I needed to wait three to four days after my procedure before having sex, but I will say that once I did have sex with my husband-I could tell a difference!

The sex between him and I definitely improved and has gotten better even months after finishing my series of treatments. We both got to enjoy the benefits! I became lubricated much easier and much faster, which improved mine and my husband’s confidence. Not to mention, the sensation I felt during sex had improved drastically. It made sex much more pleasurable! My husband loved it. It takes multiple treatments before you can really feel the tightening benefits, but my husband says he can feel the difference already.

A cosmetic procedure won’t give you self-esteem, but it can be an excellent confidence boost. I feel sexier and more womanly since I had my procedure. Tighter vaginal walls may not seem like much, but as a mother who has experienced pushing babies out of my birth canal, I can say that I really appreciate the fact that I’ve got my old confidence back. I would destroy my body if my kids needed it. If they don’t, however, I want it to be strong and capable. Sexual pleasure is important. I’m a wife as well as a mother.

A more drastic option like a labiaplasty wouldn’t have been the right choice for me. I wasn’t really concerned about the appearance of my private area, I was concerned about how it felt to my partner and me. Vaginal rejuvenation therapies are great because they help restore a woman’s sexuality. I feel sexier and more in tune with my body now than I did when I was 25. There isn’t anything else that I’m expected to do to maintain my results. They’ll naturally fade with time, and I’ll have to keep seeing Dr. Silvia Rotemberg if I want to keep my vagina in the same shape.

Thank you, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg. I can’t wait to go back for my follow-up treatments. I already feel younger and more alive. Every Miami woman interested in vaginal rejuvenation should meet with Dr. Silvia Rotemberg.

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