While I know this is a private matter, I felt it my duty to share this with the world. BioTE really is a magical treatment.

I was getting lunch with one of my girlfriends recently and we were discussing how I have just not been feeling like myself lately. I’ve been extremely groggy, feeling a serious lack of motivation to do anything. I opened up and told her about my decrease in sex drive and I just can’t seem to get through the night without tossing and turning. I felt as though the wind has not just been blown out of my sails, well.. actually, more like it’s been ripped from existence. My friend chalked all my symptoms up to aging and left it at that, but I wasn’t so sure. That evening I went to my trusty friend Google and typed in my symptoms. I knew to avoid WebMD telling me the worst case scenarios and what my potential diseases were and came across Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s website. The article that came up was on BioTE, which is a hormone therapy treatment that addresses a lot of the symptoms I had been experiencing. Score!

The information that was provided on her website was very thorough and helpful. It gave me a good understanding of how the treatment fights such symptoms. I knew I had to book a consultation, even if it was just to prove my friend wrong. After speaking with my husband, we both decided that this might be a good resolution to my current issues. I knew he agreed though because he would benefit from this too.

The Office Consultation

I live in Fort Lauderdale. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about 45 minutes from Miami. I don’t mind driving in the slightest so the distance wasn’t a problem; however, if it is for someone else – I guarantee Dr. Silvia Rotemberg is well worth the drive!

Walking into the office, I was greeted by the smiling staff and immediately felt welcome. Considering I drove such a distance, it was really refreshing to be treated with such good customer service. When meeting Dr. Silvia Rotemberg for the first time, I felt relaxed. It’s as if she was talking to one of her friends when she spoke to me! It was amazing. She asked about my concerns so I told her generally about how tired I’ve been lately and the noticeable decrease in sex drive. She explained how she understood and how she could help. She did end up recommending the BioTE treatment that I was originally looking into, making sure I understood exactly what it was and how it would help me. I loved that she provided me with information that I wanted to know about rather than making me feel forced to schedule an appointment.

She explained that yes, these symptoms can come from aging but in a very mild manner. Most times it is due to a hormone imbalance that can be easily treated. She asked me to go into further detail about the symptoms I have been experiencing, especially in my sex life – as this was where I was seeing one of the largest declines; along with the normal exhaustion I constantly felt.

Now, I will say that I am pretty private when it comes to these types of matters, but if there is anyone I’d want to share this information with, it would be Dr. Silvia Rotemberg. She is so sweet and caring; I really felt like it was a safe space to share my concerns and frustrations.

Once we finished discussing what my concerns were, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg went over what exactly BioTE is and how it could help me. She described BioTE as “tiny little grains of rice” that are put under my skin and will help to balance out of hormones. Not going to lie, I was nervous about something being placed under my skin, but she eased my nerves by explaining its benefits and how safe the treatment is. It truly felt like she understood me and what I needed, and never once pushed me to make a decision. She simply provided me with the information and let me make a choice from there. Let’s just say that after this consultation, I was sold!


When I think of preparation I usually think of a large list of medications I need to avoid, no food or water the morning before the procedure and making all of the arrangements that are necessary before entering the recovery stage. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that BioTE requires very little preparation. All Dr. Silvia Rotemberg asked of me was to have some bloodwork done which would be sent to her, informing her of my body’s hormone levels.

Did anyone else know that women have testosterone too? I did not – and apparently, it was very low, but thank goodness for the doctor for making sure ALL of my hormone levels would be on track after the treatments.

When coming back into the office for my treatment, I was a bit nervous. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg talked me through the entire process and let me know what to expect. She then gave me a quick shot in the area that BioTE was being placed in order to numb it to make sure I didn’t feel any pain!

The BioTE Procedure

I have to say, this was the quickest and most painless procedure I have ever gone through! The doctor advised the best placement for the little BioTE pellets would be within the tissue of my upper butt. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg is very good at explaining the steps of the procedure in layman’s terms. She then made the incision and I was amazed to feel no pain at all! I did feel a bit of pressure but nothing that was unmanageable by any means. Once the hormone pellets were inserted, she cleaned the region and then used adhesive strips to close the incision. It was so fast and simple, I couldn’t be more pleased with the simplicity and efficiency of the process.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg explained to me that although I am taking vitamins and medications to help ease my way through the aging process, they are not long-term treatments in helping sustain healthy hormone levels, nor are they a personalized method that provides my body with the exact hormones it is lacking. She let me know that I should come back every 3 to 4 months if I am looking to keep up with the treatment, which I will gladly choose over taking bulky vitamins every day! Couldn’t have been more satisfied with this treatment.

Very Reasonable BioTE Price

I have always been someone who is willing to pay for quality products and services when it comes to my body; especially now that I am older and require more upkeep to my body than when I was younger. We just don’t bounce back like we used to, you know? Anyways, this is why I will say that the price is well worth the results. I am also paying for Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s expertise that no other doctor could provide, with the female touch that is caring and genuine.

That being said, the price is very fair and I will honestly say that you get what you pay for and so much more! This treatment has helped me in so many ways that there is no way it isn’t worth the money! Also, this treatment replaced my various medications and expensive vitamins.

My Wonderful Results

I don’t even know where to begin to explain how amazing this treatment is! I guess I will start off by saying that my husband was actually the one who noticed the improvements before I did. I was more energized, upbeat, and my libido is incredible now – which I’m sure he appreciates! I was able to drop my prescription meds and began feeling more like myself in the most natural way. There were no spikes of energy or fluctuations in moods, it was as though I seamlessly became me again. I was ready to take on the world!

I cannot thank Dr. Silvia Rotemberg enough for all of her help and allow me the chance to enjoy life again! My marriage is better than ever and I feel as though the fog has been lifted.

Thanks, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg for putting the wind back in my sails!

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