In today’s day in age, round, curvy backsides are extremely desirable. Women have stepped away from the treadmill and are turning to lunges and squats in the hopes of building sculpted behinds. Celebrities wear form-fitting outfits, higher personal trainers, and maintain certain diets to achieve this shapely contour.

There’s only so much that exercise can do, however. Countless women have devoted hours to their workout routines and laboriously monitored their diet only to achieve lackluster results. That’s why the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure. Instead of inserting foreign objects into your body you can attain a voluptuous butt by injecting your own fat cells into your rear.

Traditional butt augmentation surgery is risky and only contours one part of your body. The Brazilian Butt Lift is an amazing procedure because it allows the surgeon to sculpt an eye-popping backside while also slimming another area of your body. Patients who undergo a traditional butt lift have to wait months until their bodies are strong enough to undergo another contouring procedure. Brazilian Butt Lift patients have several areas of their bodies enhanced at once. A sexy butt paired with trim hips or a taut abdomen looks striking.

BBLs allow you to dramatically alter your figure. Women who want fuller, curvier buttocks can achieve their body goals almost instantly. A BBL procedure can repair:

  • Sagging buttocks
  • A genetically “flat” butt
  • Misshapen buttocks
  • Small Buttocks

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg is a butt augmentation expert, having performed this procedure hundreds of times. A Brazilian Butt Lifts is a low-risk procedure, but it’s still major surgery. It’s really important that patients only see surgeons who they feel completely comfortable with.

Why Are Brazilian Butt Lifts So Popular?

Butt augmentations are rapidly growing in popularity, and the Brazilian Butt Lift dominates the conversation. Women are looking to achieve a more voluminous backside like that of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, or even Beyonce. Surgeons have refined the techniques used during the Brazilian Butt Lift, allowing for more pleasing, yet natural-looking results.

Another reason the BBL procedure is so popular is because of the seamless results it provides. Because the fat is injected through a syringe, only a single incision near the donor site is required. However, because of her skill and experience, the incisions will be small and hardly noticeable, continuing to fade over time.

A BBL is a wonderful option for women who want a perky, round butt and aren’t achieving their desired results through diet and exercise. There are huge benefits to having the procedure performed. A lot of BBL patients say that their confidence went through the roof after they recovered. The normal wear and tear of time and childbirth can leave your backside unrecognizable. Dr. Silvia Rotemberg can help repair the damage.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your rear, here are few benefits to choosing a Brazilian Butt Lift.

1. Exceptional body shaping

Women who undergo a BBL procedure can enjoy a more shapely backside. However, there’s another reason why women absolutely love the procedure. BBL patients are usually thrilled with their results. The fat that Dr. Silvia Rotemberg uses to plump your buttocks is removed from another region of the body which can help provide further body contouring benefits. The thighs, hips, and abdomen are popular spots chosen as a donor location. Through this process, you are not only slimming down an area of your body but also, you are attaining a more rounded, plump backside.

If you don’t have enough fat that can be safely removed, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg may advise you to gain a few extra pounds. However, because so much fat will be sucked out, you’ll still get all of the body-contouring benefits.

2. Natural-looking results

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg’s patients achieve excellent results. A Brazilian Butt Lift is an amazing option for women who want to sculpt their buttocks but still want to maintain a natural appearance. Cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to be obvious. After your procedure, your butt will look amazing while maintaining a very real look and feel.

3. Completely customizable

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg uses your own fat for the injection. She can adjust the fullness of each buttock to suit your exact wishes. Traditional butt implants are made for the average woman rather than you specifically. Brazilian Butt Lifts suit women who want total control over the size of their butts.

Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Butt Implants

There are multiple butt augmentation options to choose from, but the Brazilian Butt Lift dominates the market. A BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that uses fat grafting to achieve the desired look. It’s a multi-step process that provides long-lasting and satisfying results. First, Dr. Silvia Rotemberg will extract fat from a predetermined area on your body. Next, the fat is processed and cleaned, removing any impurities before injection. Only the most suitable fat will be reinjected into your body.

Some of the implanted cells will eventually be reabsorbed or flushed out of the body. It’s possible that more than one fat transfer will necessary to achieve your desired results.

BBLs are considered much safer than using butt implants because the risks are significantly decreased. The fat that is injected into your backside comes from your own body, so there is no risk for rejection. The incisions for this procedure are also minimal compared to a butt augmentation with implants, allowing for speedy recovery.

That’s one of the main reasons why Brazilian Butt Lifts are soaring in popularity. The procedure is much safer than surgical alternatives and much more customizable than butt implants.


Although the Brazilian Butt Lift is a safe and simple cosmetic procedure, there will be some downtime required afterward. The good thing about BBLs is that the recovery period is usually milder than with other butt augmentation procedures.

You’ll need to wear a special compression garment while you’re healing to help with swelling and bruising in both the donor site and the buttocks. However, another great thing about the BBL procedure is that once any swelling and bruising have resolved, your results are virtually seamless!

The toughest part of your recovery is that you’ll need to avoid sitting or laying on your butt for the first few days after the procedure to ensure the most amount of fat remains and establishes its own blood supply. On average, patients usually see that about 60% of the injected fat remains.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Your butt will shrink slightly in the months after your surgery, while the remaining cells are establishing a new home in the buttocks. Although the results of the procedure will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, you should be able to see your new, final shape after your body stabilizes. Most of the injected fat that remains after six months will be long-lasting, with the right diet and exercise regime. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle long after the procedure is essential, as weight gain, pregnancy, and the natural process of aging can impact your results.

Good aftercare can make the difference between whether you like or love your results. There’s a lot of that you can do to help your new backside keep its shape. You might:

    Wear the right clothes– You’ll need to wear a compression garment immediately after surgery. Don’t wear anything that’s tight on your rear. Newly transferred fat cells are extremely delicate.

    Eat well– Feed yourself nourishing food and stay hydrated. It’ll help you recover. Your body needs the energy to keep the transferred fat cells alive.

    Keep a stable weight– Fluctuating weight can alter the appearance of your butt. However, because your injections were filled with fat rather silicone, your enhanced backside should remain proportional to the rest of your body.

    No driving– You’ll need to avoid driving for at least two weeks after your BBL procedure. For optimal results, you should avoid driving for 6-8 weeks. The newly injected fat cells in your butt will be squished if you apply too much pressure too soon.

    Stop smoking– You’ll be asked to stop smoking about a month before your surgery date. You also shouldn’t smoke for a while after your surgery. Smoking interferes with your body’s ability to provide a steady blood supply to your new fat cell.

Final Thoughts

Brazilian Butt Lifts are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The are multiple reasons why this is true. Women who want lush, curvaceous buttocks can achieve their ultimate goals with the help of a Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is relatively simple and has an extraordinarily high success rate, making it one of the top cosmetic procedures on the market today.

You might have a naturally square-shaped butt, or your body might change after significant weight loss or gain or pregnancy. A Brazilian Butt Lift can help! It’s outstripped traditional butt lifts and butt implants in popularity by not only adding volume to the buttocks but also enhancing its shape too.

Dr. Silvia Rotemberg is the top plastic surgeon in Miami, performing hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lifts and helping her patients achieve their utmost bodily goals. The first step to a “new you” is to contact her office and schedule a consultation!

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