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Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Miami

Become the Most Beautiful You

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure to enhance the natural aesthetics of your nose while preserving the integrity of your ethnic features. It is a common misconception that plastic surgery is intended to change your appearance. In fact, the most skilled surgeons are ingeniously adept at the graceful art of subtlety. So, if you believe your nose creates an unwelcome distraction from your overall beauty, you might consider the bevy of benefits that come with our nose job procedure. But don’t worry, our tremendously talented and attentive team appreciate your ethnic heritage and have no desire to diminish it.   

At Rotemberg Plastic Surgery, we believe that beauty is a holistic quality that beams from the essential nature of every individual. Our ethnic identities play a large role in all the fine features that make each of us unique.

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Rhinoplasty is our classic “nose job” procedure. Nose jobs are a staple of plastic surgery, and the nose’s central location on your face means that even subtle changes can largely affect one’s entire appearance.[1] Armed with this knowledge, Rotemberg Plastic Surgery’s adept aesthetic surgeons are able to optimize your enhancement while keeping the overall results subtle. We believe the best rhinoplasties seamlessly integrate into the rest of your look.

Don’t deny your unique inner beauty, give it a boost! Rotemberg Plastic Surgery welcomes all patients from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. You can learn more about all that we do by reading our blog.    


Rhinoplasty has a twofold benefit: aesthetic and functional. The procedure’s aesthetic benefits can be life-changing. Many of our rhinoplasty patients have come to us after a lifetime of being burdened by a bulbous nose or an asymmetrical facial arrangement. It brings us such joy to provide these people with an opportunity to recreate themselves. Our ethnic patients present a chance to truly tailor the benefits of nose surgery to their uniquely beautiful aesthetic. 

Rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of many common issues, including oversized noses with a large, crooked hump, or broad, flat noses in need of more structure.[2]

The team at Rotemberg plastic surgery all believe that real beauty lies in our multitude of differences. Beauty is not conformity to some unreachable ideal. 

The functional side of nose surgery can be equally gratifying. With some exquisite adjustments to the nasal interior, we can help improve airway patency and help you breathe easier. Imagine taking a full, fresh, and unimpeded breath through a pair of fully functioning nostrils. How full of life you’ll feel when that cool oxygen enters your lungs! The procedure corrects blocked airways if the shape of your nose causes breathing difficulties or chronic sinusitis.  


Qualified candidates for ethnic rhinoplasty seek to intensify their allure without forsaking their cultural identity. Rotemberg Plastic Surgery is deeply committed to unlocking the beauty within each individual patient. We understand how deeply important your uniquely ethnic features are to you. They a reminder of your parents and your family, and they connect you to your genetic heritage. 

Qualified candidates do not wish to mute or dampen their individual aesthetic expression. Instead, they seek to see it soar! A minimalist approach should bring balance and harmony without creating distracting or drastic changes.

Parents may seek to fix a congenital issue in their child’s appearance to spare them relentless bullying by their peers. The best age for rhinoplasty is when your nose has reached adult size, starting at about 16 years old.[3]

Your Personal Consultation at Rotemberg Plastic Surgery

The talented team at Rotemberg Plastic Surgery is ready to serve your unique set of needs. Your private consultation will be our opportunity to become better acquainted with your case. Dr. Rotemberg will conduct a brief physical examination while the two of you review your medical history. We will conduct an intake interview so we can learn about your aesthetic goals and cultural needs. Dr. Rotemberg shall determine your candidacy for the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure.

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At your private consultation, you will receive a personalized set of preparation instructions. The purpose so these instructions is to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and that your recovery is quick and comfortable. Fill any necessary prescriptions ahead of time, and arrange to have a trusted friend or loved one pick you up after your procedure. Your doctor may ask that you stop taking certain blood-thinning medications and abstain from smoking, as these behaviors may add extra risk to your surgery.  

What Happens If You Smoke Before Rhinoplasty?

The team at Rotemberg Plastic Surgery strongly suggests that you stop smoking at least two weeks before your rhinoplasty procedure. Toxic gasses found in tobacco products can cause blood vessels to restrict, limiting the amount of oxygen that can get to the rest of our body.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Miami

Your surgery day will be the beginning of your subtle transformation. We understand that this will be an exciting, if daunting, day for you, so our team will do all we can to make you feel safe and comfortable

Depending on the extent of your nose job, you may require either local or general anesthesia. This will numb both pain and anxiety as your ethnic rhinoplasty is underway. Dr. Rotemberg will perform either an “open” or “closed” rhinoplasty, depending on the aims of your customized aesthetic treatment plan. The open rhinoplasty is more comprehensive, but also more invasive, and it comes with a longer recovery time. The closed nose job will only require a few small incisions along the natural seams of the nose, although Dr. Rotemberg will be more limited in her range of work.[4] 


Whatever the particulars of your unique nose job experience, you will require about a day or two of downtime immediately after surgery, so plan accordingly. You can manage any discomfort with your pain meds. We recommend using cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Your face will be wrapped in bandages for the first several days of your convalescence. The nasal packing comes out in a couple of days after surgery, and the splint will come off in less than a week.

The bruising at your surgery site will fade over the coming month. Most patients return to work within a week. You can use makeup to cleverly cover any remaining black and blue marks. Your swelling should completely subside within six months. During this time, the final shape of your results will reveal themselves. 

How Much Does an Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Miami?

What is true of every plastic surgery procedure is especially true for our ethnic rhinoplasty patients: ever person’s aesthetic journey is utterly unique to the individual. Rotemberg Plastic Surgery does not believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Your results will remain with you for a very long time and we pride ourselves in making sure we customize our process to meet the needs of everyone we serve. At your private consultation, Dr. Rotemberg will qualify you for nose surgery. At this time, one of our team will quote you an accurate cost

Romtemberg Plastic surgery has teamed with several financing partners so that we can offer multiple payment options. Some insurance companies may cover rhinoplasty if it is to correct a breathing abnormality. You can discuss all of these options at your personal consultation.


Can a bulbous nose be reduced?

Yes, in a variant of the rhinoplasty often called a “tip plasty,” your plastic surgeon can refine the tip of your nose to a more precise point. Some ethnic rhinoplasty patients seek to have the tip of their nose built up. In these cases, cartilage grafts or silicone implants can provide additional structure.  


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